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image archives, security, management

Larger or smaller? Now or never? Analogue or digital? Endless questions! The answer to all of these questions is simple, albeit something of a mouthful: »digital image archiving«. faksimile digital designs and implements archiving and storage solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements. Once the data have been digitally captured (photographed) the client is free to decide what happens to them and where they are archived. The way in which an image archive is made available for viewing is also an individual decision: a simple gallery, a slide show or a presentation combined with video material and sound. Databases can be password protected to prevent unauthorised access. All of our archives make it possible to access and view the stored images from anywhere in the world, at any time, at the same consistently high quality. A significant advantage of digital archives compared to analogue photograph archives is that digitally stored images can be relied upon to retain their quality. Digital pictures can be accessed and viewed without wear and tear; unlike analogue photographs they are not susceptible to creasing or scratching. Digital archives must be implemented in a »modular« form, so that it is possible to update and extend them or to adapt them to new requirements.

Securing image data: implementing archive and storage systems, providing ongoing guidance on their use, designing image databases to meet individual requirements