capture, post-processing, reproduction

Since its beginnings, faksimile digital has specialised in digitally capturing works of art and in art and museum photography. Today, works of art are usually photographed using digital technology and the images electronically adjusted as required before they are stored. faksimile digital has a sought-after team of specialists in this area, thanks to their excellent knowledge of lithography and photography as well as their command of digital image processing technology. Depending upon the task in hand, image data can also be animated or made available for a whole range of applications. If an assignment includes producing a printed document, faksimile digital can carry out graphics and design work as well as ensuring that the printing itself is carried out to the required professional standard.

Digital photography (at resolutions of up to 133 million pixels): still photography of 2- or 3-dimensional objects: paintings, sculptures, products | on-site photography of architecture, museum galleries, art installations in situ | animated photography of 2D and 3D objects, e.g. 360° views of rooms or sculptures, panorama views

Scanning: capturing analogue images using state-of-the-art technology (drum scanners, flat-bed scanners, non-contact scanners)

Image processing: we employ the latest digital image-processing techniques to produce reproductions that are faithful to the original. If clients so wish, digital image manipulation also opens up possibilities for innovative artistic interpretations of original material.