Peter Kainz was born in 1961 in Vienna where he finished a vocational education as lithographer, offset-installer and photographer.
In 1995, as the large format photography was implemented in Austria, he worked as the first digital photographer.
From 1995 to 2008 Peter Kainz taught digital technologies and reproduction techniques as lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In 1997 he established with his wife, Birgit Kainz, the studio “faksimile digital” , which still serves as atelier for digital photography and the conversion of artworks.
Since 1997 he has made lots of cooperation’s with Walter Stach. Furthermore Peter Kainz has managed numerous lectures and workshops about digitalisation and archiving of works of art. Besides, he wrote articles for reference books dealing with visual arts.

1992 “Nachbar in Not” (neighbourhood in misery/poverty), a picture book for absconding women and their children
2005 Establishment of the long-term picture library “Collected Works across Europe” together with his wife
2005 Participation in “Der 6te Sinn” (the sixth sense) in Vienna
2006 “Pixel pile-up”, an article for the print media manual of visual arts, Vienna
Since 2006 “Fang das Licht” (Catch the light), a photographical conveyance-project within the “kids university” of arts, organised by the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
2007 Establishment of the edition “Collected Works”, a serial of artist catalogues connected with a public library.
Since 2008 Master program photography/image science at the Danube University Krems

2009 HUMAN - The Word - an intervention

2010 HUMAN - Symbols

2011 HUMAN - 10 fingers, 5 letters, 1 word; exhibition Gnothi Seauton

2012 HUMAN - posters in Casablanca, Human-calendar 2013

2013 HUMAN - Underflowing Borders

2013 HUMAN - Unleashing, Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz

2013 HUMAN Calendar 2014

2014 FOTOFEHLER - Exhibition in the Gallery artmark

2014 HUMAN - Rallye from Loosdorf to Rudice

2015 HUMAN - Calendar 2015

2015 Karlsplatzgaragenausgangsvirtine - You love trophy?!


2007 Ebene I, ISBN 978-3-902609-00-7


2007 Ebene II, ISBN 978-3-902609-01-4

2011 GNOTHI SEAUTON, ISBN:978-3-902609-09-0

2013 HUMAN - eine Grenzunterschreitung, ISBN:978-3-902609-11-3

Peter Kainz

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