War of vienna - Policy, Art and Everyday life about 1930

Vienna takes center stage: For the first time a workers´party run a country in an european city. The "Red Vienna" was a antipole to the conservative alpine-Austria. The all-embracing social- and educational reform and the building structure of 60.000 community-apartments attract international attention wordwide. The end was in 1934 by stripping the social democracy through the Dollfuß-regime.


Claudia Unterluggauer "fire"

Otto Wagner Gallery Vienna



Graphic design from Viennese modernity until now. To range from Kolo Moser to Stefan Sagmeister. Out of the University of applied art vienna collection.

The exhibitionau "grand entrancet" in the Wien Museum - first floor

The exhibition "grand entrance" in the Wien Museum - second floor

Human - the word - an art action in public space by Birgit and Peter Kainz. Photographer: Andreas Schiffleitner




The new "Römermuseum" in Vienna

To the "Römermuseum"...

Peter Kainz took a picture of Michi Wegerer in the Gallery Arcade

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